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Denver Fleet WashingWe see them everyday; company vehicles driving down the highway on their way to a service call or a delivery. Like it or not, their outward appearance speaks volumes of the company who’s logo is painted right on the side. With the exception of the winter months when snow storms and filthy roads are a seemingly daily occurance; a clean fleet is a fresh, crisp image for your company. This is where we, at Colorado Pro Wash, come in to help companies maintain that image they have so tirelessly built up and done so much to maintain. We understand the importance our pressure washing service provides our customers. When we see a clean FedEx logo on a truck or a clean logo on a tanker on I-25 or 70, it feels good. After all, what is the point of paying the money to have your logo put on your vehicle if you are just going to drive your company image in the ground by having an inch of road grim all over it and the truck. A clean image is a LOUD image, and a loud image gets you noticed.

Whether we utilize a two-step process or a soap and brush technique in the truck washing process depends on what the customer wants. For the most part however, what the customer wants is a good looking fleet that stands out from the rest. By staying connected with professionals in the pressure washing industry, attending seminars and training conventions, and ensuring compliance with the ever changing EPA laws and regulations; Colorado Pro Wash is able to make our customers’ fleets shine. Our equipment is also a reason we are able to stand out from our competitors. By utilizing pressure washing skids that are top of the line and ensuring proper maintainence and services are done, our customers can rest assured knowing their fleets will be serviced when they are scheduled to be. Customer satisfaction and goodwill are our biggest concern and we at Colorado Pro Wash will go through hoops and bounds to make this happen. We take pride in our work and in doing so our customers are able to take pride in their crisper, cleaning outward appearnce.

At Colorado Pro Wash we pride ourselves in providing services to companies that not only exceed their expectations but also get noticed in turn will increase their overall outward appearance.

Besides our truck washing service we also offer the following fleet washing services:

  • Car Washing
  • Heavy Equipment Washing
  • Tractors
  • Van Trailers
  • Pups
  • Gasoline Tankers
  • Flat-bed Trailers
  • Gravel Trailers
  • Grain Trailers
  • Auto Carriers
  • Grain Pups w/hopper
  • Cattle Trailer
  • Garbage Truck
  • School Buses
  • Cement Trucks
  • Furniture Vans
  • Bob Tails
  • Jeeps (Post Office)
  • Dump Trucks
  • Motor Homes (RVs)
  • Passenger Bus
  • Inside Wash – Vans/Trailers
  • Inside Van/Trailer Steam Out
  • Road Tractor Engine Steam
  • and moreā€¦

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