Gum Removal Denver

Denver Gum Removal Services

Removing gum off walls and floors can be a sticky situation that everyone wants to avoid. However, if you own a business, you probably know that maintaining a highquality and professional façade is very important and gum on sidewalks can be a huge turn off.

Safe Gum Removal

Believe it or not spitting chewing gum in public places is a criminal offense but, in reality, there is still a high percentage of offenders. Prevention is the best solution by having our crew tackle it with our safe hot water equipment.

Chewing gum that gets stuck on walls, and sidewalks can be gross and can leave a negative effect on your business. But, taking them off is just one thing: you also have to make sure that the surface does not get damaged in the process and that the tools you use are actually safe for you and the environment.

Our expert gum removal team ensures that your surfaces will look like there was never any gum stuck on the surface. All our processes and cleaning tools are always updated to ensure that they follow the health and safety standards that are mandated by law.